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The story begins in 1985. Timeshare resorts south of the border faced difficulty communicating with folks in the U.S. and Canada. This was long before the internet dominated our relationships and a full 20 years before Facebook.

The company formerly known as Resort Communications handled copious amounts of paper work, processing, telephone collections, and more for its clients. When the company moved from Orange County to San Diego in 1998, it had 55 employees and serviced 100,000 timeshare owners per year.

Today, ResortCom is based in Las Vegas with nearly 300 employees. Specializing in international financial and member services, we serve millions of travelers every year with more than $500 million in cash processed annually in multiple currencies.

Over the past three decades, ResortCom evolved through industry upheavals, changing product forms, and tough economic times to master all stages of the business cycle, and become a crucial part of our clients’ information flow around their customers.

To serve as your strategic partner in the complex vacation/shared ownership industry, we tailor ResortConnectTM – our innovative, sophisticated timeshare management software – to fit your business processes and seamlessly integrate into your member lifecycle, while providing 24/7/365 support.


ResortCom’s mission is to provide our resort developer clients and their members with highly secure, leading-edge software and innovative customer contact center solutions, to ensure that “Promises Made are Promises Kept.” Our Promise is to deliver unparalleled customer experiences and to maximize member engagement, thereby facilitating best-in-class developer performance and vacation ownership management and servicing.


Our Mission defines our identity and purpose. Our Values define how we work together and do business.


We encourage everyone at ResortCom to see each other’s potential. It is easy to look at someone and see what’s on the surface, but it takes someone who is really invested in another to see the greatness that lies beneath the surface. We empower our team to reach for that potential, pull it out, and utilize it to bring your team closer together and lift those around you.


We encourage everyone at ResortCom to seek out new challenges to grow inside and outside the company. We believe in choosing growth over fear. For most, growth can be uncomfortable, but through the discomfort you gain all the wisdom. Once acquired, you can share that wisdom with your teams, friends, and family. Our culture embraces personal development, and we’re one of the few companies to retain a performance coach who is available for our entire staff.


When people are positive, they work better together and tend to view their work in a more optimistic light. That positivity can be contagious, causing great energy to fill the building. Working with a smile on your face – and fun at the root of your work day – multiplies our results.


ResortCom is an international company that services members from around the world. We pride ourselves in having a unique and diverse team that brings many different cultures together, producing the best service our industry offers.


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” United as a team, we can tap into more creativity, increase accountability, and achieve greater results. A huge part of our company’s foundation is built with teamwork and the synchronization of each department, which gives rise to a productive environment.


With a company as diverse as ResortCom, we must ensure we understand what we are saying and what others are hearing. To help decrease confusion and increase trust and connection, we encourage each team member to recap a conversation by asking the other, “What did you take away from this conversation?”


To care about the place we work and the people who are a part of our culture, we must first care for ourselves. We must care about what we do, take pride in it, and do the best job we can. Commitment to delivering your best work transfers to treating our co-workers and clients with the utmost care. Caring is at our core – another element of the foundation upon which we build our business.

Our people are our competitive advantage. We deliver the resources and services to prepare our people to be winners, to support the growth and profitability of the company, while preserving the values and special culture of ResortCom. We continually reinforce our reputation for superior personal service by providing respect, training, involvement, recognition, reward, security, and advancement opportunities to our employees.

Together, our diverse and innovative team strives to be the best in the resort industry at providing flexible, customized services by a solution-driven staff whose goal is to attract and retain loyal customers by delivering timely top-quality services and improving the vacation experience each step of the way.

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Scott Bahr

Chief Executive Officer

Scott is focused on strategic innovation and growth, having led a series of successful businesses to explosive growth. Across multiple highly competitive industries, he’s proven his ability to quickly master new business models, build trust, identify opportunities, and make big strategic impacts.

He successfully leads big projects and big teams, both domestically and globally, having worked in nearly 100 countries to complete over 1,000 major business deals running the gamut from corporate turnarounds, mergers & acquisitions, to start-ups and franchise arrangements, to distribution and supply agreements, to product launches and product line acquisitions.

He is frequently called upon by Fortune 500 companies and investment firms to provide expert guidance. His teams have launched innovative new products and services, from the GMC Denali to Marriott’s Explorer Collection, that annually drive billions in recurring corporate revenues to the delight of millions of satisfied customers on every continent.

Outside of work, he’s content to focus on his two kids, various community initiatives, Duke Basketball, and an active lifestyle.

Odilia Guiant

Senior Vice President/Client Services

Odilia has been involved with ResortCom International for nearly 15 years. She is responsible for overseeing both front and back office operations for ResortCom International. Her goals and responsibilities are focused in delivering WOW services to our clients and their members. Most of her time is spent working closely with clients and staff to improve overall performance and gain efficiencies via innovative processes and automation opportunities.

She places great emphasis on teamwork and developing trusting employee relationships. Recently, as a member of the Executive Leadership Team, she has continued the development of the contact center and corporate culture. She brings a wealth of experience in the areas of collections, merchant services, process review and implementations to ResortCom.

Prior to joining ResortCom International, Odilia ran the operations for RV Resorts in Southern and Northern California and also worked in Los Angeles at a Receivership firm.

Dennis Hershey

Chief Financial Officer

Dennis Hershey played a major role in shaping the early success of ResortCom and returned in 2015 to continue that vision. He has worked for more than 30 years in both financial and operational capacities in the hospitality industry. He was the first CFO and Director of the Villa Group in the 1990s.

Upon leaving The Villa Group, Hershey served as Corporate Director of Tax for Mandalay Resort Group which merged into MGM Resorts. In
2005, he then became part of the senior leadership team of TLC Casino Enterprises, Inc., the owner of the Four Queens Hotel and Casino, Binion’s Gambling Hall and numerous local bar/gaming establishments in Las Vegas.

He also holds the CFO position for ResortCom Marketing LLC and certain of its affiliates.

Dennis Morrissey

Vice President of International Operations

Dennis has 20 years of resort hospitality and vacation club experience. He oversees all club management operations for UVC International working with The Villa Group, as well as serving on the Executive Leadership Committee for ResortCom.

He works in all aspects of the operations, finances and management, with special skills in inventory management and marketing strategies to maximize occupancy. In addition to these duties, he serves as the Treasurer for Universal Vacation Club, a California non-profit corporation.

Prior to this he worked as the Senior Vice President with ILX Resorts and served as General Manager at Los Abrigados Resort & Spa in Sedona, AZ.

He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1993 earning a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.


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