We’re a diverse team of multilingual professionals who help our clients increase revenue by managing their membership services

ResortCom evolved over the past thirty years from our origin as the internal servicing arm of a leading international timeshare developer to our current state—servicing half a million customers for dozens of developers on multiple continents.

We earned our reputation as a high-ranking, revenue-generating service provider of timeshare financial services, loan and maintenance fee management, credit card processing, and collections.

As an international timeshare services provider, we engage with hundreds of thousands of vacation club members. We listen. We refine our methods and services. And we’ve learned what enhances the member experience, what developers need to grow their business, and how we can boost our clients’ bottom lines.


ResortCom provides a full suite of software and client services, including innovative contact center solutions, club management, inventory management, reservations, timeshare member services, and vacation owner financial services, enabling our clients to grow at a quicker pace

ResortCom leads the way as an expert strategic partner providing essential and secure tools for the vacation industry. Our incomparable technology tools, developed over three decades of interaction with resort developers, vacation clubs, travel clubs and their members/owners, cover all the intricacies of timeshare operation.

As the most established provider of member services exclusively to the hospitality/timeshare industry we are ready to be your partner, helping you achieve exceptional results with safe and sound security. Find out why we are the top performer in Global Portfolio Management. Healthy portfolios, low delinquencies and low foreclosure rates are the hallmark of our deep vacation ownership industry expertise. Our secret is a combination of state of the art technology and a team of excellent people who understand customer service and what it takes to make timeshare owners comfortable and happy with their purchase.

“I have always had courteous and friendly agents when I call. I’ve been going to Cabo for 20+ years, and they help us get what we want in a timely manner.”

Peter H.

“Today I spoke with Cassandra about my weeks and reservations and deposits. She answered all of my questions. Was patient and polite. Set up the weeks to use as I wanted to use them. SUPER JOB !!!!!!! Employee of the day?, week?, month?”

Tom M.

“I called to make reservations so I could deposit them with RCI and II. My first call was to Dorian and she was very helpful and patient with me. I tried to be prepared but ran into some alternative options and had to go do some online research with RCI & told her I’d call back. When I called back I got Edward. He too was patient and very helpful. He got the units I requested and made several great suggestions. Both brought me up to date with changes that were made since my last time I made reservations to deposit elsewhere. Thanks again to both of them for the great customer service.”

Premier Member # 16-XXX

“Hi Rockianna – Thank you very much for your AMAZING help! You were awesome and a rarity today in customer service. You took the time to explain the process, listen to my concerns, offered suggestions, provided follow through and you genuinely cared. Your leadership shines through. Keep Up the Great Work! If I get a survey from you with 10 being the best, I would give you 10+.”

Glenda C.

I called today to get several questions answered relating to the Gold Club account we own. Your patience and knowledge were appreciated as I had question after question for you. You were gracious and responded in detail to each and all of my questions. You are a great asset to your company and as I hung up I was smiling knowing that I had a phenomenal phone experience. Thank you, Lorenzo! I run sales at an energy company and I would love to have people with your skill sets within the sales support team I manage. You did good!!!

Mike Y.


Our proprietary timeshare management software, ResortConnectTM, maximizes the customer experience and generates revenue

What does ResortConnect do? We’re glad you asked.

  • Makes and maintains reservations
  • Maintains and services loan and maintenance fee accounts
  • Maintains “points overlay” systems
  • Manages and services member accounts
  • Creates, stores, and maintains contracts
  • Manages inventory for timeshares, hotels, and rentals
  • Handles transfers and title changes
  • Processes bankruptcy
  • Manages rentals, resorts, vacations, and HOAs

ResortConnect is 100% compliant with privacy laws, PCI requirements, and any regulatory framework charged with protecting financial data. ResortConnect manages the complex demands of our industry, provides exemplary service through its user-friendly interface, and protects client and consumer data at the highest level.